Hoyos Labs is the global leader in mobile biometrics authentication, protecting the identity and data of customers and enterprises all from the palm of their hands, defending the industry and consumers against providers of fraudulent biometric technology

Today more than ever, people access their health and financial records, corporate documents, even conduct high-dollar transactions from mobile devices, making them vulnerable to breaches and hacking.

To keep your digital assets safe, Hoyos Labs is creating a world in which passwords, PINs, swipe cards and tokens are eliminated.

YOU become the password using biometrics — your face, fingerprints, voice — to keep data untouched, private and convenient to access, send, receive and store.


Proven solutions to enterprise’s

most challenging authentication


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Where security and privacy are paramount: banking, healthcare, entertainment and others

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With more than 30 patents and patents pending, we’ve created the playbook on biometric authentication

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